I recently watched the movie, Spotlight, which focuses on a group of investigative journalists trying to unfold a story about Catholic priests in Boston and around the globe that are raping and abusing young boys. This is obviously a hard hitting story. This is a true story. Investigative journalism is sexy. It’s the kind of […]

Leave Your Comments to Yourself

Comment sections are savage. Internet trolls are always on the prowl for something to comment on, or someone to harass. Personally, I’m not a believer the comment section. If it were used as a positive tool to help others and to spread information it would be a totally different story. However, it’s hardly ever used […]

Talking Craft Beer with Grandma

In a thriving neighborhood, over the river and through the woods, you will find Grandma’s House. After stepping into the quaint craft brewery located at, 1710 S Broadway your heart will fill with warmth. Grandma’s House has everything from Super Nintendo’s on old school TV sets to the classic, Battleship. Each draft handle is housed […]

Podcast Reporting

The type of reporting done in the podcast done in This American Life is a breath of fresh air. Bringing in people to talk about the main point of the story is one of the best ways to get a point across. These people interviewed, in this case about our frightening economy, are very knowledgeable, […]

Cerebral Brewing

Nearing the end of my journey, thankfully, I decide to stop at Cerebral Brewing. Cerebral is in a location close to my apartment and especially close to my heart. I worked on East Colfax for about a year and fell in love with its energy. The people at Cerebral sought to bring the ideology of […]

Grandma’s House

I’m reaching the end of my tour. I’m a little tired of beer, the snow makes me lazy, and spring break just started. I’m going to go to my comfort zone, Grandma’s House. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. This guy, 25 years old and he goes to hang out with ole granny during spring […]

Declaration Brewing Company

Declaration Brewing Company, located at 2030 S Cherokee Street, is the perfect place to bring a group of friends to hang out and play some games on a patio. It’s a place to spend an entire Sunday afternoon playing corn-hole, sipping brews, and munching on some food truck goodness. I wasn’t sure where to go […]